Crystal McVea died and met God

During an operation in 2009 Crystal McVea accidentally got too much pain medication and was clinically dead for about 9 minutes.

During that time, she states that she not only met with God but also could both feel and smell him. She did not see God in human form, but as a beautiful bright light.
Scientists have an adequate medical explanation for why some people who were close to death sees this light and feel this out of body experience. Crystal McVea was not dead. Had she Bild på Crystal McVeareally been dead, and like God resurrected, the miracle would be more believable. One can also ask why God chooses one atheist among millions around the world to let reversed by pretending to kill her. It’s funny that she happened to meet the God of Christianity and no other God, the same God that all her friends and colleagues happen to believe in.

We’ll probably never know the truth but now it goes well for Crystal McVea. She will soon release her newly written book, ”Waking up in heaven” where she describes her nine minutes in heaven. She has also appeared in the completely impartial (cough) TV channel Fox News. She has seen the light alright, the spotlight.

Speaking about truth. Crystal McVea makes this statement regarding her encounter with God:

”I can’t prove to you 100 percent that this happened, but you can’t prove to me that it didn’t.”


No atheist I’ve ever talked to reason in this way. However, this is a very common way to shift the burden of proof among creationists.





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